Diversity and Inclusion

Together Our Difference Bring Innovation

INTUITIVE is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce, and doing business with diverse suppliers. Our success in meeting the needs of our customers requires the full and active participation of talented and committed individuals regardless of their gender, race, ethnic origin, disability, religion, or age. Embracing individual uniqueness brings creativity and vitality to our company. By fostering an atmosphere of acceptance and support, we can better value and appreciate the strengths afforded by the differences, styles, ideas, and organizational contributions of each person.

Inclusion fosters trust, the cornerstone for risking new ideas and fostering a sense of accomplishment – powerful motivators that draw out each person’s best performance. INTUITIVE managers are responsible for ensuring that employee differences are respected and valued in the workplace, that they themselves lead by example by personally exhibiting inclusive behavior, and that we seek opportunity to do business with diverse companies. All employees are responsible for creating a work environment that is inclusive, respectful, and free of harassment.