Ethics and Values

Our Foundation for Success

The vision of INTUITIVE is as focused today as when our founders embarked on this remarkable journey. It has been over a decade of rapid growth and challenges, but also tremendous success and celebration. Through it all, the INTUITIVE team has adhered to a simple, but profound mission statement: Give each client no less than our best.

Company Philosophy

Service and trust are at the heart of every INTUITIVE relationship. As we nurture existing relationships and build new ones, INTUITIVE strives to exude excellence with every project. From the smallest task to the largest implementation, we take great pride in our reputation for seeking and maintaining continuing excellence in the quality of our services, and making and keeping commitments by doing what we say we will do.  These are standards we freely choose to follow, standards which provide as the foundation of our personal and professional lives, standards which define the leadership and values in the INTUITIVE organization.

Code of Ethics

INTUITIVE employees and team members are held to the highest ethical standard and are committed to serving clients in a trustworthy manner. Our policies, procedures and ethical standards reflect the values of the company’s founders and their refusal to accept anything less than absolute employee integrity and complete client satisfaction.