Health and Fitness Initiatives


INTUITIVE believes the workplace directly influences the mental and physical condition of the employees. INTUITIVE hosts a Biggest Loser competition where employees are challenged to lose weight to win cash prizes of up to five hundred dollars. The company also participates in Scale Back Alabama challenging employees to lose at least 10 pounds for statewide competitions.  We encourage employees to stay active by sponsoring selected 5k races and triathlons.

INTUITIVE understands how important simple health awareness is for everyone.  To promote this awareness, the company hosts quarterly Creating Awareness Rewards Everyone or C.A.R.E. Days.  INTUITIVE brings in health professionals and specialist who provide employees with community information, blood screenings, massage appointments, nutritionist appointments and much more.  INTUITIVE‘s fitness awareness has inspired employees to reach achievable fitness levels, and has motivated some employees to integrate healthy hobbies into charitable efforts.