Entry Level

INTUITIVE is the perfect place to begin your work career or to gain valuable on-the-job experience while completing your degree. We offer entry level positions for recent graduates, as well as internships and cooperative education opportunities to qualifying students currently enrolled in an applicable engineering or business program.

Cooperative Education Opportunities

INTUITIVE is looking for top-notch students enrolled in engineering disciplines and applicable business programs at regional colleges or universities. Cooperative Education Programs provide students with outstanding real-world experience and the opportunity to work and earn credit while completing their degree. If you are interested in applying for a co-op position, contact your school’s co-op program. If INTUITIVE does not already have a working relationship with your school’s co-op program, have them contact us.

Interns/Student Hires

INTUITIVE also considers employment for students not participating in a formal co-op program, but still interested in applying their talents to a real-work environment while continuing working on their degree. If you have an interest in working for INTUITIVE through this program, contact us at hr@irtc-hq.com. Please include the following information in your email:

  • Name
  • College/University
  • Pursued Degree
  • Expected Date of Completion
  • Your Contact Information and Resume

What am I likely to find in Life at INTUITIVE?

  • Sharing of awards and accolades, and celebrating those together, furthering our sense of pride and helping to inspire employees to feel that their work has more meaning than being just a job.
  • Very health-focused environment, including the provision of health services, voluntary group activities, fun competitions, and a general atmosphere of being open to healthier alternatives.
  • A “flat” organization, minimizing the levels of management between any employee and an ultimate answer, as well as a matrixed structure, allowing for the cross-pollination of employees.
  • Many managers who have been internally promoted – providing evidence of opportunities to employees throughout the company.
  • Continuing absolute excellence in the continuity of operations for our customers in our very dynamic growth environment, which is a testament to employees who are engaged and inspired.
  • Training is seen as being critical to keeping employees current in their fields, which is critical to the level of quality service we provide our customers.
  • A diligent focus on the transition and retention of new employees into the company by identifying and assisting with their developmental needs and professional goals.