INTUITIVE is constantly seeking performance-driven individuals with knowledge in Engineering, Program Support, Contracting, and Information Technology who thrive on new experiences, and welcome professional challenges.  Candidates must have excellent technical and communication skills and thrive in a team environment. Please take a moment to use our job search and discover your potential as part of our growing INTUITIVE team.

What am I likely to find in Life at INTUITIVE?

  • Company development that has been carefully managed to achieve growth at a pace that does not jeopardize quality of services nor the reputation of the company.
  • Depth of meaning in our work – a great deal of our engineering, design, analytical, and software development services directly impact the U.S. Warfighter.
  • Strong sense of satisfaction from support provided to our customers, making employees very engaged.
  • Employee development, to include a performance review system that actually works.
  • Robust recognition practices that include the celebrating of service milestones.
  • Approaches to rewarding every employee for the work they do on a daily basis, a key component of our central theme of valuing employees.
  • Culture that promotes fairness and equity between employees and managers.
  • Shared stories from our owners of how we began – fostering pride.
  • Customer feedback that is shared, along with employee accomplishments such as published articles, presenting at conferences, etc.
  • We are quick to share good news stories and we take pride in not being your “average” company.
  • Employees who feel appreciated for their creativity and professionalism.
  • A blended workforce that encompasses formerly retired professionals, student hires, veterans and disabled individuals.
  • High retention, of which we are very proud, feeling that it is largely due to inclusiveness of a wide range of backgrounds.