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In 2009 the Small Business Administration recognized INTUITIVE as the Region IV Prime Contractor of the Year, allowing the company to qualify and be named the National Prime Contractor of the Year.  The process for receiving these titles was entirely government-nominated and investigated, proving how valuable the company is to our government customer.  These awards were attributed to the dedicated and engaged workforce that makes up the INTUITIVE Team.

All of our company events are seen as opportunities to provide employees with company updates and a communication avenue.  Whether it is the catering, the location, or nice prizes given at events, we go the extra mile to make it a well-done affair, fitting for the caliber of our employees, and indicative of how much we value them.

We have a robust veterans network within the company, and include processes and benefits that are directed toward our veterans.  Through our Veterans Information Program (VIP) information about veterans’ support and veterans’ affairs is easily accessible to employees throughout the company.  INTUITIVE is proactive towards recruiting veterans and transitioning their valuable skills into the workforce. 

The company often sends shipments to soldiers out of country.  Sometimes these are items collected by employees, sometimes they are purchased by the company.  They are always generous and sent with gratitude.

Leadership never broadcasts the specific stories of help they have given to individuals.  These stories are shared by those individuals with other employees and with their extended families, building loyalty, trust, and appreciation for the people with whom they work and for the company for which they work.  Individual examples speak volumes about the company’s support of employees in times of need, and inspire others to “pay it forward.”