Transitioning Military…Heroes Work Here

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INTUITIVE‘s foundation is our Warfighter and we believe that successful job transition of our veterans is a responsibility not to be taken lightly and is vital to the success of our nation.  We are committed to helping military personnel transition back to civilian life and helping them find positions that embrace their military skills and experience.  Our Veterans Information Program (VIP) further helps our heroes settle into and excel in their new careers.  Please take a moment to use our job search and discover your potential as part of our growing INTUITIVE team.

What am I likely to find in Life at INTUITIVE?

  • The flexibility of schedule designs that INTUITIVE is able to offer due to our internal and customer structures, which adds significantly to our inclusiveness.
  • A matrixed structure that results in employees working temporarily for other managers at times, sometimes on other projects, providing challenges, rewards, and experience depth.
  • Leadership that does a great job of relaying employee accomplishments to top management, and top management that does a great job of recognizing those individuals in front of their peers – not only benefiting the individual, but enhancing everyone’s sense of pride in the company.
  • Management team that includes females, minorities, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and individuals over 50, such diversity weaving fresh ideas and experienced perspectives, varied approaches to problem solving, and different leadership styles.
  • Spotlighting of individuals as they are further developed, move forward in their careers, or are promoted or make lateral changes – inspiring others, especially newcomers, to consider what they may accomplish.
  • Company-paid professional memberships (covering up to two memberships per employee) when they relate to the work the employee does and the employee participates as an active member.  Active membership in such organizations is encouraged as it provides a source of refreshing and updating employees in their fields, networking opportunities, and further ways to discover and develop their talents.
  • An overarching plan not to hold meetings that don’t accomplish anything positive or productive.