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INTUITIVE participates in many philanthropic initiatives. We focus on children and the elderly, as we think those are the two most often overlooked. We look for specific needs and the circumstances surrounding those needs, and we fit what we do to our intent, rather than just giving money to be charitable. We point out that focus often to our employees, and they mirror these philanthropic intents as well as the pattern of approaching choices by measuring against the goal or intent.

We continually look for ways to “go green”, both in how we do our work and in what we design for our customers. These actions not only have a positive environmental aspect, but they provide the employee with more reason to feel good about the company and hopefully even inspire them to take similar green actions at home and elsewhere.

We declare Goodie Day a couple of times a year, when we bring goodies and share them (all day) – always including some healthy choices!

Ours is an environment where creativity is sought, practiced and rewarded, as is evidenced by our Creativity Incentive Awards program.

Eligible employees can participate in an Education Assistance program that is above the norm for our area.

Our positive, well-done approach to encouraging fun and camaraderie engenders appreciation along with the fun, and employees are then enriched by interaction and affirmation, and even more motivated to do good work.