INTUITIVE Announces 8(a) Joint Venture with Falcona

shutterstock_256348438HUNTSVILLE, AL – January 2017 – Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation (INTUITIVE) is pleased to announce its joint venture with Falcona Management and Technology, LLC (Falcona). The joint venture will operate under the name Falcona Intuitive Integrated Solutions, LLC and will be based in San Antonio, Texas. This formal, minority-owned 8(a) joint venture was formed after a long standing Mentor Protégé Program between INTUITIVE and Falcona. Falcona Intuitive Integrated Solutions, LLC will provide engineering services, rapid development, test, and transition support to multiple DOD customers. The joint venture will capitalize on the strong reputation INTUITIVE has developed as a leading provider of technical and programmatic solutions and on Falcona’s strength in process and quality management.

INTUTIVE’s President, Harold Brewer stated, “This partnership represents both INTUITIVE’s and Falcona’s commitment to provide customers with a single source for the best engineering and managerial support. By joining forces, Falcona Intuitive Integrated Solutions, LLC can offer customers the highest-quality of technical services and the institutional knowledge that it needs to successfully carryout missions. ” Brewer added, “We are excited about this joint venture and the benefits it brings to our customers.”

ABOUT INTUITIVE RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION: Intuitive Research and Technology (INTUITIVE®) is an aerospace engineering and analysis firm headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama that provides production support, systems engineering, programmatic support, product development, rapid prototyping, and technology management to the Department of Defense, government agencies, and commercial companies. Our approach couples the latest technology with engineering expertise, analytical proficiency, and keen managerial oversight. From design through production to sustainment, we proudly provide management and technical solutions throughout all phases of the systems lifecycle.

ABOUT FALCONA MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY: Founded in 2008, Falcona serves as one-stop provider for process improvement in defense, commercial, and governmental sectors. Falcona is experienced and proficient in delivering solutions over the diverse range of corporate capabilities from engineering services to business process improvement to environmental and program/project management. Falcona has a solid track record in assisting their clients achieve their strategic goals.  Falcona is adaptable and flexible in working with all levels of the enterprise and utilizes the latest analysis tools and technologies.

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