INTUITIVE Partners with Madison County Schools to Offer Engineering Courses to High School Students

HUNTSVILLE, AL – April 2017 – Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation (INTUITIVE) is excited to announce its partnership with the Madison County School System. Through this partnership, INTUITIVE engineers will work alongside educators to design and implement a curriculum focused on electrical engineering and mechanical engineering disciplines. Initially, the courses will be offered to high school students at Madison County High School, but plans to expand the program to other local schools is in the works. Classes will start in August and students will meet every day for 85 minutes. The electrical engineering course, which focuses on Printed Circuit Board Design (PCB Design), will last 9 weeks. The same group of students will then switch over to the 9 week Mechanical Design course, where they will learn the basic processes and tools used by Mechanical Engineers. Students, as well as INTUITIVE employees, are looking forward to an exciting school year in August.

As part of the partnership, INTUITIVE will provide workshops/trainings for the teachers at Madison County High School who will be instructing the engineer courses. The workshops will be hosted at INTUITIVE’s headquarters over the summer. In addition to training teachers, INTUITIVE engineers will provide in-class mentorship to students through the courses. The hardware and software needed for the courses will be provided by INTUITIVE. This includes computers, tools, and software subscriptions.

INTUITIVE President, Harold Brewer, stated, “We are thrilled to work with local schools to excite young students about engineering and science. As a leading engineering company, it is our corporate duty to give back to our local community, and what better way than to provide the resources students need in order to be successful in their college and professional endeavors. We hope that these courses give students insight into what a career in engineering truly encompasses and that students are inspired to pursue career in a STEM field.”

Madison County Schools Superintendent Matt Massey praised INTUITIVE for the partnership. “This is the kind of partnership that makes INTUITIVE such an innovative leader.  Our students will be exposed to new ideas and new technology. This partnership with INTUITIVE has the potential to give our students a head start on continued STEM educational opportunities and rewarding STEM careers. We are so appreciative of INTUITIVE for investing in our students and teachers today for a better tomorrow.”

ABOUT THE COURSES: The Electrical Engineering course will concentrate on Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design. In this course, Students will explore all the basic design aspects of the PCB Design and learn how to create printed circuit boards in the Diptrace design suite starting with the beginning design stages to the final exporting of manufacturing files. This course will consist of several basic parts, each representing a DipTrace software module which corresponds to a particular stage of the PCB design. Students will be required to do one or several practical tasks (lessons) to ensure a full understanding of described processes and features. Each lesson is connected with theoretical subsections and some may be considered as a practical lesson in and of itself. The Mechanical Engineering course will guide students through the basic design processes used by Mechanical Engineers in a professional design environment. Students will understand basic principles of proper drafting strategy, prototype mockup, and 3D modeling skills within SolidWorks Design Software. As students’ progress through the course, they will gain competence in various modeling strategies such as cuts/extrudes, fillets and chamfers, Sketch-context feature definition, sheet metal design, and advanced assembly creation.

ABOUT INTUITIVE RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION: Intuitive Research and Technology (INTUITIVE®) is an aerospace engineering and analysis firm headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama that provides production support, systems engineering, programmatic support, product development, rapid prototyping, and technology management to the Department of Defense, government agencies, and commercial companies. Our approach couples the latest technology with engineering expertise, analytical proficiency, and keen managerial oversight. From design through production to sustainment, we proudly provide management and technical solutions throughout all phases of the systems lifecycle.

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