• contract_closeout

    Contract Closeout

    Due to staff shortages, excessive amounts of funding were lost as a result of de-obligation of non-expended funds not being managed; incomplete deliverables; incomplete final invoicing/payments; and misplacement of contract...
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  • value_engineering

    Value Engineering

    A surveillance radar with outdated, proprietary computer hardware and software had limited performance and limited technical refresh capability, with much higher, long term maintenance costs. Use of proprietary systems had also led to decreased reliability,...
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  • aircraft_kitting

    Aircraft Kitting

    Kitting products needed improvements to reduce the time associated with gathering the consumable items and spare parts necessary to conduct major maintenance inspections. Existing kitting products did not meet the needs of...
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  • collective_protection_equipment

    Collective Protection Support

    Our customer required an improved Collective Protection Equipment System to protect those in warzone areas against respiratory exposure to toxic industrial compounds and chemical warfare agents.  The goal was to improve...
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  • energy_conservation

    Energy Conservation

    Customer needed ways to reduce energy consumption and energy peak power demand to various facilities. Assisted in developing and implementing aggressive energy management programs to reduce energy demand and consumption by: Identifying...
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  • robotic_deployment_system

    Robotic Deployment System

    Our customer needed a robotic improvised explosive device (IED) defeat suite incorporated onto an armored vehicle. Robots were stored inside the vehicles and the soldiers were required to leave the protection...
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  • aircraft_cargo_restraint-200x150

    Aircraft Cargo Restraint

    Aircraft did not have an existing restraint system for cargo causing in-flight movement and damage to cargo. Our mechanical engineers performed a feasibility study ensuring all design/strength requirements could be met,...
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