Aircraft Cargo Restraint

Customer Problem:

Aircraft did not have an existing restraint system for cargo causing in-flight movement and damage to cargo.


Our mechanical engineers performed a feasibility study ensuring all design/strength requirements could be met, followed by detail design, structural and finite element analysis, and acceptance testing.  They produced test plans and procedures, as well as installations instructions.  To ensure quality, they developed an Acquisition Quality Plan (AQP) and completed a safety assessment review.  INTUITIVE engineers not only built a prototype, but executed fit/form/function tests. Used: Structural and Finite Element Analysis, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) utilizing Solidworks and Solidworks Simulation software packages


INTUITIVE engineers met or exceeded all design requirements while performing every capability in the life cycle development of the product.  The final system had a weight of less than 100lbs, allowed for ingress/egress of crew, and improved the mass restraint rating.  The systems structure was reconfigurable, freestanding, did not interfere with drop equipment or procedure, and was capable of stopping max 63,000 pounds of force in forward direction. Airworthiness was received.