Aircraft Kitting

Customer Problem:

Kitting products needed improvements to reduce the time associated with gathering the consumable items and spare parts necessary to conduct major maintenance inspections. Existing kitting products did not meet the needs of the Warfighter.


We assessed all scheduled maintenance requirements and provided a recommendation to the project manager on which of those events could benefit from a kit.  Following this coordination, INTUITIVE reviewed the individual maintenance events from the Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) and identified the consumable and spares requirements from the Repair Part and Special Tools List (RPSTL) to develop a draft list of kit components.  User input was then compiled from multiple field units to refine the kit components and identify packaging requirements that would aid maintenance operations.


Identified $1.3 million in annual savings to be garnered by eliminating unneeded parts from the previous version of the kits.  Enhanced kit usability through improved packaging and component identification resulting in labor savings of $7,500 per maintenance event.