Robotic Deployment System

Customer Problem:

Our customer needed a robotic improvised explosive device (IED) defeat suite incorporated onto an armored vehicle. Robots were stored inside the vehicles and the soldiers were required to leave the protection of the vehicle to deploy and retrieve the robot placing them in extreme danger from enemy attack.


Using structural and finite element analysis INTUITIVE developed an electromechanical housing for the robot that mounted on the external surface of the vehicle. The housing could be opened and closed via an operator inside the safety of the vehicle. Braces on the inside of the vehicle held the robot secure during transit. Multiple mechanical limit switches were mounted inside the vehicle to provide signals to the operator that the robotic platform was docked back inside as well as signals to provide notification that all the interlocks were closed for transit. INTUITIVE fabricated, integrated and conducted the test and qualification on the deployment system.


The design was so effective it was modified to fit multiple vehicles. Soldiers no longer have to exit the vehicle to deploy and retrieve robotic systems.